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Trend: Viva La Vida

This trend celebrates the beauty, diversity, and spontaneity of life. With a nod to the world of modern art, this collection features vibrant colours and patterns that add a vivacious burst of energy to floral designs

Trend: Meaningful Earth

This trend highlights the beauty and significance of our planet. The shapes and colours in this collection embody a profound connection to nature, and are ideal for floral designs with a harmonious, natural look.

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Floral Foam

We have been revolutionizing the floral industry with our Floral Foam for over 70 years. We offer a variety of styles, colours and applications for all floral needs.


We are continuously working to help the floral industry become more sustainable and provide eco-friendly solutions.


We offer an amazing choice of high quality, all-year round floral products as well as two seasonal, on-trend collections per year.

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